Learner Resources & Policies

Learner Resources and Policies



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MSLETB Training Centres Code of Conduct and Learner Handbook
MSLETB Frequently Asked Questions
MSLETB Training Centres Health & Safety Handbook
MSLETB Data Protection
MSLETB Policy on Respect & Dignity
MSLETB Equality, Culture & Diversity Policy
MSLETB Computer Resources and Internet Policy for Learners.
MSLETB Social Media Policy
MSLETB Community Policy Moodle Users
MSLETB Child Safeguarding Statement
MSLETB Policy on Learner Maternity Leave
MSLETB Appealing Your Assessment Result
MSLETB Appealing Your Assessment Result (Plain English Version)
MSLETB Learner Code of Conduct Infringement Process
MSLETB Learner Responsibilities
MSLETB Learner Feedback Form

Learner Resources

MSLETB Study and Learning Handbook
ETBI & FESS Referencing: Click on this: Referencing Handbook link for a guide to referencing.
QQI Know your Level National Framework of Qualification
Child Minding Ireland Directory of Childminders around the Country (By County)
Adult Guidance Services Mayo Sligo & Leitrim
Adult Guidance Services National by Province
Parental Consent Form Parental Consent Form
Accessing Resources Digital Library
Covid 19 Training Online Resources
Covid 19  Tracker APP
Health and Wellbeing Digital Library
MSLETB Induction Training 2 Video
ETBI Maths for Trades Maths for Trade August 2022