Q: Where can I find a list of Courses Currently Available? Courses delivered through MSLETB training services in Counties Mayo, Sligo & Leitrim can be found on www.sligotrainingcentre.ie: just click on the County Course Finder pictures.
All courses are published online on the Further Education and Training Course Hub, Known as ‘Fetch’
Q: How do I apply for a course? If you are registered on ‘Fetch’ you can apply online. Alternatively Contact us directly: by email: [email protected] or [email protected]
If you are in receipt of social welfare payments please apply through your local Intreo Office.
Q: Should I register on FETCH? All course participants must register to start programmes with MSLETB. It is better if you go ahead and complete the registration process on FETCH Registrations prior to arriving to start a course. We suggest you use your Mobile phone.
There is still a registration process to be completed when you start a courses but if you have already registered it will make the process much easier when you arrive to start a programme.
Q: Do I have to provide the information asked for? Yes! the registration process is compulsory.
Many of our programmes are funded through the European Social Fund (ESF) and they insist that we gather this information. Some of the fields are mandatory and must be completed
Q: When do Courses Start? Scheduled start dates are shown on ‘Fetch’
Q: Is the personal information that I provide safe? Yes! There are strict rules and procedures about how we use your information. The Data Policy is on FETCH Registrations. MSLETB also have our own Data Policy which is available on msletb.ie
Q: Do I have to pay for Training? In most cases; no you don’t. The vast majority of our programmes are free for both employed (including self-employed) & unemployed people. If you do not qualify for a fee waiver there may be charges for some evening programmes.
Q: When will I be contacted about my course? We will usually contact you about 2 – 3 weeks before the course is due to start*. You will be invited to an information session prior to the course start to see if it is right for you. On occasion, if vacancies arise, this notification period might be shorter.
*Applies to full-time day courses only – process is different with evening courses.
Q: Will I have to take a test or attend an interview to get a place on the course? Some courses have a test to assess your skill level and some courses also have an interview as part of the selection process.
A few programmes have special requirements such as the completion of the Ishara (colour blindness) test, or entry qualifications such as driving licences. Select the course “link” on ‘Fetch’ to find out more, including the entry requirements & course recruitment for the specific course you are interested in.
Q: What are the hours of training? Full-time day courses are generally: (Monday – Thursday 08:30-15:45, Friday 08:30-12:45). Evening courses are from 18:30 to 21:30 for either one or two nights per week depending on the course. You will get specific timings for your chosen course at the information session.
Q: Where can I find learner information and resources? There is a list of Learners Information, Recourses and Policies on our website
Q: Is there a learner handbook? Yes please see Learner Information and Resources COC & Handbook
Q: When will I receive my Certificate? Certification for on-line tests is issued upon successful completion.  However, most certification takes between 2 to 4 months to issue from the certifying body. (QQI or City & Guilds for example)
Q: Do I get paid training allowances or expenses? This depends on your current employment status. Generally speaking, persons in receipt of Social Welfare payments keep those payments whilst in full-time training and may also be entitled to travel or accommodation allowances. Persons not in receipt of Social Welfare allowances or who are in employment do not get any training allowances.
Q: Do I get holidays? If the course that you are attending is longer than 30 weeks there will be a (2) two break. You will get specific timings for the break if applicable for your chosen course at the information session
Q: Where will the training take place? The training takes place in one of our Training Centres in Sligo or Ballina or in designated centres/locations throughout Mayo, Sligo & Leitrim. When you look at the information about the programme on ‘Fetch’ the location of the course is shown on the map on the right-hand side of the page.
Q: Will I get Literacy & Numeracy supports if I need them? Yes; All of our learners have access to learner supports while they are with us on MSLETB programmes.
Q: Can I get assistance with childcare costs? If you require childcare while attending your training programme you may be eligible for subsidised childcare places through the Childcare Employment and Training Support Scheme (CETS). To check eligibility or to book a place on this scheme please contact your local County Childcare Committee. Local Childcare Committees
Q: I am under 18 years old. Can I do a programme with MSLETB? Yes: Under 18’s can avail of training programmes.
You can contact us for more information but you must provide us with a signed Parental Consent form so that we can speak to you directly